The aces in poker, what are they and how much are they worth?

aces in poker

Surely you have ever used or heard the expression, “have an ace up your sleeve.” This expression is often used to refer to an ideal solution, usually at the last minute, for any circumstance.

In fact, you don’t need to know much about poker to know that the Ace is a symbol of something very good or very valuable. But what is the value of the Ace in poker and how can we get the best out of these cards?

What is the value of aces in online poker?

aces in online poker

Since online poker uses exactly the same rules as live poker, the value of these cards in both styles of play is the same: Aces are the highest cards in the deck; that is, the ones with the highest value.

The poker ladder is headed by Aces, followed by Kings (K), Queens (Q), and Jacks (J), regardless of suit. Then we will go in descending numerical value from ten to two, which are the lowest value cards in the deck.

Although there are some cards with numerical value, in poker we do not add the number represented on them, we only use the reference scale to determine which hand beats the opponents. And for this you have to know well what are the possible poker combinations in order to form the best hands.

How are aces used in poker?

To use aces well in poker, it is not enough to know that they are the highest value cards. It is also necessary to know well what are the possible plays that can be formed, and what is the scale of values of the poker hands.

Undoubtedly, getting a pair of aces in the hole cards that the dealer deals at the beginning of the game is great news. After all, this is the best possible hand preflop. Even getting just one Ace is good, as this determines that other players don’t get it. However, this does not guarantee victory in the betting round.

The best plays that we can form with the aces are the so-called Royal Flush (sequence of cards of the same suit, including those with the highest value: Ace, K, Q, J, 10); or poker of aces, for example. That is, in the case of Texas Hold’em, forming a hand of 4 aces and a different card, using one or both hole cards from your hand and completing a set of five with the community cards.

When should you not use an Ace in poker?

Ace in poker

So, if we consider that having the highest card among your hole cards does not guarantee victory, it is possible that on more than one occasion you will have to give up your Ace, or even your pair of Aces.

There is arguably no more difficult moment in poker than having to fold a pair of aces. However, remember that this hand represents the best poker hand in a preflop situation.

Once the first three community cards appear, we can do another reading of the hand, and taking into account the texture of the flop, analyze whether it is worthwhile for our Aces to continue participating in the race for the pot or not.

Even if we continue to play, it may be that on the turn or even the river we should consider folding the Aces. Everything will depend on the specific situation.

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